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Synthium™ is an advanced environmentally-sustainable energy development that offers extended battery life, low cost of ownership, enhanced performance and improved safety.

Many forget that the most important component of Exit & Emergency Lighting is its battery. 90% of Exit & Emergency Light failures are battery-related.


However, the battery is only as good as the quality of its charging regime. Even more people, professionals included, fail to appreciate the importance of having an intelligent battery management system (BMS) that includes a multi-stage charger for precision charging of the batteries and a protection mechanism that prevents the battery from overdischarge or short circuiting.


Investing a little more in reliable battery technology and could be the difference between saving a life or avoiding injury.

Lastly, an estimated 5 million batteries or 90,000 kg of toxic heavy metals* are dumped into Australian landfills each year. Synthium™ was designed as a sustainable alternative to indirectly help prevent potential harm to human health and environmental contamination caused by the toxic heavy metals found in traditional battery types.

BetterDesign. BetterTechnology. BetterPerformance.

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