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Exodus Boxster Ceiling Mount Exit

Exodus™ Boxster (Ceiling)

One Box Solution Maintained LED Ceiling Mount Box Exit Light c/w Synthium  battery


This LED Exit Light is presented in a traditional triangular profile with a large ‘PushConnect’ mounting base to give installers the ultimate in simplicity, flexibility and versatility.

The wide base allows installers to easily run conduit, hide access cable and conceal existing defects on a previous installation, thus reducing unforeseen and undesirable site-related challenges. Suitable for offices, warehouses, schools, factories and public buildings.

Push Connect.jpg
Mount Ceiling.jpg



  • Advanced Synthium™  battery technology

  • 24m viewing distance

  • Emergency classification: C0 D10 C90 D8

  • Ceiling surface mounted

  • PushConnect installation mechanism

  • Single or double sided

  • Complete with Running Man diffuser pack

  • Low energy consumption

  • Long life electronics

  • Maintained / Switchable operation

  • 3 year warranty

  • Designed and tested in accordance to AS/NZS 2293.1



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