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"We live, breathe and dream

emergency lighting"

Synnovate is a leading commercial and medium-scale manufacturer specialising in cutting edge Exit and Emergency Lighting technology. We pride ourselves with our strong technology-focus by embracing the latest advancements in dynamic switch mode power supplies, efficient LED driving, heat dissipation and life-extending current injection battery technologies.


Our History

"Exit and Emergency Lighting is our passion - that is why it is all we do"

We have been an OEM manufacturer for some of the largest players in the Australian market for many years now. However, a recent shift in our strategic focus has allowed us to embrace recent technological advancements in the exciting world of electronics, automation and battery storage, and transform them into safe, reliable and exceptional products and services directly to our customers.

Our proven track record of providing distributors and companies around the world with dependable Exit and Emergency Lighting solutions will give you a peace of mind for all your Exit and Emergency Lighting needs.

Our Aim

"to uphold the trust bestowed onto our emergency lighting solutions"

Ultimately, our objective is to manage the safe egress of people out of a building efficiently and effectively by:

  • over-engineering our products to maximise its reliability and service life

  • incorporating user-friendly designs to reduce installation and maintenance costs, and

  • embracing technology to reduce energy waste and to maintain the integrity of emergency lighting by implementing intelligent monitoring systems and controls

  • all at a fair price.

Two Men Shaking Hands
Technicians at Work

Our Values

"Synnovate's business is heavily focused and committed around public safety"

We place the public's evacuation needs at the core of all we do by developing a diverse range of dependable, long-lasting products to suit most applications and environments.

We are highly customer-centric - we believe in good, old customer service and hold ourselves accountable to our customers. Our customers are never just a number, instead we see huge potential to grow and be successful together in the long term.

Last but not least, we embrace the philosophy of kaizen  and principles of Total Quality Management (TQM) by striving to continually improve. We have come a long way and will never forget our humble beginnings.

Our Mission

"We believe that a hefty price tag is unnecessary to acquire high quality, compliant and reliable emergency lighting products."

​​The best products should be made more accessible for the best companies out there. We’re committed to designing, crafting and assembling the best and safest merchandise on the market, which is why, we see ourselves growing from strength to strength and establishing ourselves as a mainstay in Australasia's Exit and Emergency Lighting landscape for many years to come.

Office Building
Bussinessman in Modern Office

Our Vision

"to be the most trusted, one-stop resource for innovative and reliable emergency lighting solutions."

We have a clear vision - to be the most trusted, one-stop resource for innovative and reliable emergency lighting solutions.

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