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Exodus™ Pendant

One Box Solution Maintained Edge-Lit LED Suspended Exit Light c/w Synthium™  battery


The Exodus™ Pendant presents a dedicated suspended Exit Light in a sleek and upmarket physical apprearance that exudes elegance to complement architectural and premium interior spaces.

Its slide and connect mounting bracket and retractable 2m suspension wire provides ease of installation white its stylish Running Man  pictogram positions this product towards modern internal spaces with high customer-visibility such as apartments, hospitals, offices, bars, council buildings and retail outlets.

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SKU: EXS-PENDANT - white trim

         EXS-PENDANT/B - theatre black

         EXS-PENDANT/BG - black trim



  • Advanced Synthium™  battery technology

  • 24m viewing distance

  • Emergency classification: C0 D6.3 C90 D3.2

  • Suspended mounted via 2m restractable suspension wire

  • Slide and connect mounting bracket installation

  • Single or double sided

  • Complete with Running Man diffuser pack

  • Low energy consumption

  • Long life electronics

  • Maintained operation

  • 5 year warranty

  • Designed and tested in accordance to AS/NZS 2293.1



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