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Emergency lighting testing, simplified

Emergency lighting management system that offers building owners, maintenance
managers or service agent’s total control over their assets and public safety obligations

Compliance in your fingertips

Maintain integrity of lights by ensuring tests are performed regularly and properly as per AS2293.2

FAST-tracked commissioning

All fittings have been pre-commissioned to enable a plug & play, streamlined commissioning process

Minimal infrastructure

Integrate seamlessly into an existing LAN or easily set up a standalone, secure wireless network


with true self-healing

Harness the power of the mesh to connect each fitting to every other fitting. If one of the fitting fails, the others will continue to communicate without interruption.
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wireless fidelity

SYNECTIX operates in the low-frequency ISM band, which not only avoids potential interference with 2.4GHz and 5GHz wi-fi networks, but enables superior penetration through concrete slabs and metallic surfaces
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No special software or apps
No ongoing licensing fees
No dedicated PC

The system is fully customisable and can conveniently be accessed via a web browser within a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone - locally or remotely

Asset Management

  • Monitor exit & emergency luminaires

  • Perform discharge tests

  • Create groups and unique luminaire identifiers

  • In-built scheduler

  • Electronic
 logbook with dynamic filtering

  • Real-time status reports

  • Add / remove / replace luminaires with minimal hindrance.

  • Over the Air Updates (OTAU) for future firmware updates

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Data can be stored in the Cloud to take advantage of seamless access to test and status reports wherever you may be.

Image by Chris Ried

Military-grade Security

Synectix networks are secured by 128-bit AES encryption for secure data connections and SSL certificates for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser.


Off the shelf products

Simple plug & play SYNECTIX™ RF Module that can be retrofitted into off-the-shelf SYNNOVATE products, allowing for flexibility in product selection whilst enabling progressive upgrades and lower cost of ownership



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