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Emergency Conversion Kit

Add instant emergency lighting capability to any LED fitting*. Ecko was developed to convert architectural or bespoke luminaires into emergency luminaires in-line with Australian emergency lighting Standards without compromising the existing look and feel of a space.


The sophisticated Ecko controller intercepts the supply between the LED array and LED driver and, upon failure to mains supply, will convert stored energy from the internal battery into constant DC voltage and current necessary to drive the LED array for up to 180 minutes.


Fittings such as LED panels, LED highbays, LED bollards and LED strip lighting can be converted provided it has an external (and accessible) constant power LED driver. The converted unit can operate in maintained or non-maintained mode and facilitates the use of switching without interrupting supply to charge the internal batteries.

*fitting must have an accessible external LED driver


         ECK-HIKIT (50VDC - 160VDC)


  • Advanced Synthium™ battery technology

  • Universal Emergency Conversion Kit that converts almost any lighting fixture to an emergency fixture,providing it with up to 180 minutes of battery autonomy

  • ECK-LOKIT for forward voltages of 10VDC to 60VDC

  • ECK-HIKIT for forward voltages of 50VDC to 160VDC

  • Integrated battery pack

  • Low energy consumption

  • Long life electronics

  • Multimode operation - maintained / non-maintained / mains switchable

  • Complete with test switch and green LED charge indicator

  • 3 year warranty

  • Designed and tested in accordance to AS/NZS 2293.1






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